Murray Stokely has an interesting post up on his blog noting a bunch of interesting BSD-themed tutorials on (mostly) Youtube. His sentiments – and I agree – are that there should be more BSD instruction in video form, not just the various texts we have today. (via)

BSD systems have always been well-documented compared to the open source … well, ‘standard’ isn’t the right word. Branching past text-based media is a good idea, though I suspect part of the barrier is common Flash support.

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  1. Agreed about the flash thing! Getting flash w/audio to work on NetBSD was an unpleasant chore. First, you try the firefox-bin-flash package which sort of works but crashes incessantly. You then use pkgsrc to build a native firefox binary and install nspluginwrapper and flash works but there’s no sound. After installing xmms and finding a sample mp3, you’ve verified your sound card’s okay so it’s time to start poking at Several ktrace -dip XXXXX commands later and you’re trying to figure out how to get installed so ALSA will work. When this doesn’t work, you dink around on google a bit and end up at the right Ubuntu (maybe it was Debian) forum where they talk about libflashsupport. You install it from pkgsrc, sound finally works and your two year-old can watch backyardigans songs on youtube.

    It’s easy to see why BSD tutorials in flash are somewhat unique.

  2. god damnit, now i have to replicate the search you just fucking described. thanks for nothing.

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