Hackathon for upstream changes

Jeremy C. Reed, on the pkgsrc-users@netbsd.org mailing list, has proposed a ‘upstream’ pkgsrc hackathon. This would be specifically to construct patches to submit to the vendors of given pkgsrc packages, so that the changes would no longer have to be maintained in pkgsrc. This is a good idea; please jump in if you want to help with DragonFly-specific changes, or if you have access to some of those upstream vendors.

2 Replies to “Hackathon for upstream changes”

  1. Speaking of this… it looks like Gnome’s libgtop (sysutils/libgtop) is finally ready to go crossplatform [again?] but needs either some DragonFly-specific code or a judgment call made in pkgsrc as to whether we’re more like ‘bsd’ or ‘freebsd.’ Anyone who knows the structures involved feel like taking a look?

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