5 Replies to “Enhanced Speedstep Technology support, enhanced”

  1. wow, I had no idea that such an insignificant patch could ever get into the DF digest…

  2. Well, the “About the Digest” page does say that covers minor events as well as major. But I think Justin just wrote this entry for the novelty of the title. ;)

  3. Seriously, some of my posts are wonderfully stupid, where I link to something trival and nerdy, or just cause I go out of my way to alliterate in the headline and therefore have wasted all useful thought by the time I get to the body. Sometimes news is slow. (which I appreciate now; it’s been so busy)

    If that activity without deep meaning bothers you, well… that’s sorta most of the Internet. Tough luck, there.

  4. I’ve always felt that stories with breaking earth-shattering event reporting that don’t have amusing titles are overrated. That’s why I don’t like the evening news on TV…

    Seriously though, the DF Digest is awesome. Small, humorous posts are way better than no posts any day. :)

    Keep up the good work, Justin.

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