2.0 release dated

2.0 will be branched on the 9th and released on the 23rd of this month.  If you have something you want in that release, hurry!  HAMMER will be included in an alpha state.

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  1. Hey Cool!

    Would it be possible to include support for ATI IXP 600 (SATA)?

  2. Teliti – I don’t know about support for that chipset; for all I know, it’s already there. Ask on the dragonfly-users@ mailing list.

  3. @ teliti: I was one of the lead groaners about the SB600, and (with great thanks to Thomas Spanjaard, and anyone else I might be forgetting) as of sometime in October 2007 it’s working fully in AHCI mode, with the legacy PATA side also supported. Note that, for determinism, this means your BIOS should have the controller set to AHCI mode.

    Right now I’m still running 1.11.0 (“-DEVELOPMENT”) from 7-Dec-2007 with no problems. (In fact, my HD is still on the PATA side, with a SATA optical on a SATA port.) If there’s been a regression, let someone know before I shoot myself in the foot upgrading!

  4. Not so much something I want in the release, but something I’d like in the iso: the full source of the release. This would avoid having to download it separately, and would be nice for archival purposes.

  5. apt-get package management, you know there _should_ be good package management (for binary distribution and updatetion) like in Debian GNU/Linux to ease life for people who maintain production servers with DragonFly BSD OS on board

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