The concept of Good Enough, and yay piracy

Here’s two articles for your persual: First, this Guardian Unlimited article attacks one of those ‘well-known facts’ that Betamax failed despite being better than VHS. The title says it explicitly: Why VHS was better than Betamax. The author even manages to mention the Windows vs. Unix idea that is an offshoot of this.

Second, a New Yorker article for those who care about patents and copyright: The “Piracy Paradox” describes how a lack of copyright in fashion design had led to better business – perhaps this could apply to software design too?

Both links via things magazine. So, do you all (the readers) like when I go off the beaten path for related material like this?

2 Replies to “The concept of Good Enough, and yay piracy”

  1. I don’t usually follow your off topic links as I mostly read for dfly news (and I love how you consistently keep your posts to a few sentences tops :). However, these types of posts are still interesting as they give some perspective to the rest of your writings and they take no time to skim over.

  2. I don’t mind these bits and pieces posted from time to time. It’s always good to get familiar with something else.

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