7 Replies to “Java possible; Linux update needed”

  1. Does the FreeBSD port assume a Linux 2.6 kernel for syscall emulation? That’s the kicker, as I understand it.

  2. I hate to be constantly moaning, but I think working X11 would be even more useful. ;)

    Seriously, am I the only person having strange problems with 1.3, or is it that the majority of DFers have stuck with 6.9 to avoid migration issues?

  3. You know, I was about to say “works fine for me”, but I just realized that I have xorg 1.2 installed on this system.

    Have you filed a bug report to the pkgsrc folks?

  4. I just realized I left this hanging, so I should mention that I’m still trying to (and trying to find time to) debug the problem enough to define it — the server runs, but it seems like specifying any client keels it over on sig11, even with the VESA drivers.

    What I’d really like to do is make sure *all* X11-server-related packages and libs are well and truly cleaned out and install fresh, without removing the rest of my pkgsrc tree. Unfortunately, it seems like pkg_delete’s recursive options would either blow out every X client on the system (eww) or leave libs that do need a rebuild (just in case…) lying around because other non-Xorg packages depend on them.

    Renaming /usr/pkg for testing is an option, but not a pleasant one.

  5. If you set BINPKG_SITES to one of the binary package mirrors, you can use prebuilt binaries whenever possible – makes it very quick to tear down and rebuild all your pkgsrc software, if that’s what you end up doing.

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