Multiple CPUs and MySQL on BSD

Joerg Sonnenberger pointed me at a recent post on the NetBSD tech-kern@ mailing list: Andrew Doran did some comparisons of MySQL’s sysbench on a multi-CPU system, with different operating systems. It unfortunately doesn’t include DragonFly, as DragonFly apparently would not boot on that system, but I’m a sucker for graphs.

It also shows generally better performance for NetBSD recently than for a Linux 2.6 kernel. This is interesting in part because MySQL performance on BSD has historically been worse than on Linux.

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3 Comments on Multiple CPUs and MySQL on BSD


  1. Nice but of almost no relevance, CFS is the new shining star at the Linux firmament. There are patches for kernel 2.6.22 and 2.6.23 is just around the corner. Furthermore it looks strange if I compare it to Jeffs benchmarks, there you will see no big gap between FreeBSD current and Linux.

  2. Anonymous says:

    NetBSD says it gives importance to correct design and algorithms, over micro-opimisation and hacks .. perhaps its starting to pay off.

  3. cghene says:

    Yeah, that’s also the Unix philosophy.
    I think it should really be used mor often.
    Back to the roots! :)