2 Replies to “More wireless chip support”

  1. Speaking of wireless, can anyone suggest makes and models of MIMO Ralink devices, or anything MIMO with any known-friendly, known-working chipset?

    I found a USB dongle with the pre-MIMO chipset a while back, and the range is about fifteen feet shy of what I need it to be.

  2. I don’t know which one works well. However, in dfly, I can’t drive my edimax 7608pg (2661) above 36Mbits/s, while it does work well when TX rate is below 48Mbits/s. Since there is no support for their MIMO features (neither in 802.11 layer, it requires special vendor IE parsing, nor in driver), I suggest you to stay away from 2661 parts, instead, find some plain good 2561S parts, which is quite common in non-MIMO edimax cards and certain linksys PCI cards; 2561S parts’ performance is reasonably good and dfly has firmware based crypto support for it.

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