Always did like NeXTStep

I just found Etoile (screenshots linked) today; it’s apparently a GNUStep-based desktop.  This would be of interest to people who like the Windowmaker (or even Mac OS X) interface  No version in pkgsrc yet, so I don’t know if it compiles…

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  1. IMHO the most promising FOSS DE attempt is Mezzo in my opinion. It looks unique, fresh and usable. Nobody needs another Windows/OSX ripoff.
    The most usable opensource DE for me is Xfce, though, but it is slowly getting a sibling of GNOME. :(
    This is not trollism, just free/open source desktop OSes (the ‘we-wanna-dominate-teh-planet one) want to be like these two, just better. They should be unique instead and show something new.

  2. Mezzo appears interesting in concept, but I can’t even find a decent screenshot of the darn thing.

    For some reason, I keep returning to Windowmaker. I tried XFCE, and it is nice, but it wasn’t doing me any good other than more setup time.

  3. From the screenshot, a window cannot go outside the edges of the screen : “Period.”
    I remember on Amiga that this was not a good thing. User could rearange as HE wants.

    And why deactivated windows have no close and resize widget ? To oblige the user to one more click, and perhaps modify its desktop view ?

    I think the author would better give orders in the army :)

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