7 Replies to “Lots of wallpaper”

  1. Well done, guys!
    They’re simply spectacular, but my preferred is Van Houten’s Nullify, it reminds me the Mac OS X’s default desktop style….it’s really wonderful, congratulations!

  2. Thank you. There will be at least a new one more soon…
    I got some comments on this wallpaper as well, that it’s too dark. So soon there’ll be a lighter version of this wallpaper as well.

  3. Wiger, that dark wallpaper rocks, although this is very good too.
    I will create a dragonfly desktop with Xfce, for now I use it as a Win background on my laptop.

  4. Oh, and Wiger: you should blur the edges of the DragonFly logo as they are quite sharp and don’t fit in well with the image.

  5. Perhaps yes because I use it on my 1200×800 laptop display. Sorry for the noise then. Anyway, those curves & shades rock.

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