OpenSound goes open source

“Yair K” sent along a note mentioning that, as described on the OpenSolaris forums, 4Front Technologies (also involved with XMMS) is making their OpenSound system open source as of June 14th.

OpenSound was previously available for DragonFly, though support for it was quietly dropped probably around the same time 4Front stopped supporting FreeBSD 4. In any case, it is possible it could go into contrib/ now, if it has benefits – hopefully they will make it available under a more BSD-style license.

Network driver code has been shared between the BSDs a great deal lately, with a flowering of available drivers and support.  Having a shared sound model too would also lead to benefits greater than the sum of its parts.

5 Replies to “OpenSound goes open source”

  1. OSS should be release under GPLv2 license for *BSD.After the good experience of port of ZFS (under CDDL) in FreeBSD (next future in other BSD’s) I suggest (as simple BSD user) to Mr. Mazumdar (president of 4Front Technologies) to release OSS under CDDL.He seems to be open to discuss licensing issues.I like to see more initiative from BSD world.

  2. While CDDL has some issues, it is far to be prefered. GPL has too many issues to be worth it.

  3. CDDL is also viral but the license allows the code to be combined with anything.

  4. As far as I know, it will be under CDDL for BSDs instead the initialy planed GPL.

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