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Matthew Dillon wrote a long message on how things are progressing with DragonFly; some projects like improved SMP support and 64-bit processing are almost ready for prime time, and just need someone to step up and complete them. The track record so far for DragonFly has been astoundingly stable; major changes in threading and process management have gone into the tree and it’s happened completely without destabilizing the system – e.g. it’s been safe even to run bleeding-edge code.

Also: the upcoming release will be 1.10, and hopefully GCC4.x can be made the default by the time 2.0 arrives.

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  1. “the upcoming release will be 1.10, and hopefully GCC4.x can be made the default at that point.”
    Isn’t GCC 4.x meant for 2.0?

  2. I hope that nasty installer bug that popped up (about a week ago) in the DEVEL(& latest PREVIEW) ISOs is gone by 1.10-REL. Otherwise I’ll be using my 1.10-REL CD as a beer coaster.

  3. For 1.10, it is unlikely that there will be a new installer, so I cannot help with this, as 1.x is in pure C (dfuibe_installer).

  4. Cc:

    I hope someone includes an INSTALL_HOWTO on the 1.10-REL ISO. Us users will need a list of typical examples like:
    1.) fdisk
    2.) disklabel
    3.) newfs
    4.) Installing bootloader
    5.) Getting files & devs from CD to HD

  5. Seconding, since I’d like to h4x0r the installer and I need this info too. Although there used to be info on this when there was no installer yet. I’ve got the Hungarian version and can translate it to Englis, although I am not sure about its relevance.

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