What’s done and what’s to do

From the DragonFly mailing lists: Matthew Dillon posted a list of what will and won’t be in the next release.  Rahul Siddharthan pointed out that there hasn’t been much user-visible improvement since FreeBSD-4, speaking specifically about 64-bit processors and SMP.  Steve O’Hara-Smith added some less well known benefits we already have, while Michael Talon  described the speed boost a 64-bit operating system gives.  Matthew Dillon said “someone just needs to do it“.  I daresay the conversation is not over.

4 Replies to “What’s done and what’s to do”

  1. I think I’ve missed something about what the journaling work as-it-stands really allows.

    Anyone in the know feel like doing a writeup?

  2. Well, I agree with Matt here. I’m not a developer, merely a end-user, and I think laying solid foundations is more important than directly “user-visible” processes. You can’t build a solid house on shaky foundations. I’m just glad Matt (or someone, for that matter) is doing the dirty work.

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