1.8 ISO with NATA

Sascha Wildner has a version of DragonFly 1.8 compiled using NATA, the new ATA system, available on leaf.dragonflybsd.org.  (Link goes directly to a bzipped ISO)  Try it if you’ve had trouble getting DragonFly to install on a system with a very new SATA controller.

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  1. For reference (and for anyone who was watching on EFNet the other night), the AMD/ATI SB600 works with the “old” ATA driver, at least when using the parallel UATA interface.

    I assume using the “Native IDE” or “Legacy IDE” options (vs. AHCI) in most BIOSes miiight be a quick fix on systems that otherwise wouldn’t boot far enough to install NATA, unless it’s not.

  2. One of these days I’ll learn to stop speaking too soon — while researching mysterious scratchiness with the onboard audio, I just now noticed that the drive is in fact running in ‘BIOSDMA’ mode, and selecting a UDMA mode puts it in WDMA2, shortly followed by a snow crash (‘stripe crash,’ technically). So you can boot under the above conditions with the old/”stock” driver, but may want to do something about it soon after.

    NATA, here I come.

  3. …and using last night’s HEAD, NATA fails with the same segfault behavior someone else was reporting on the kernel list. Bug report, here I come.

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