New site look

I’ve changed the theme, and added some elements to make this match the other DragonFly sites a bit more.  If I’ve removed a link you need, please let me know.

10 Replies to “New site look”

  1. The look is clean and consistent with the other DFly sites. I just miss the “next” and “previous” links to browse a couple of news.

  2. I find myself being a little slower at grasping at what news I looked the last, but it sure looks prettier.

  3. Yes, this new look is fresh and pretty, but it would be good to get back some useful links, for example a bug-tracking.

  4. michaeld – do you mean ‘next’ and ‘previous’ to go back and forth a few days? i.e. the posts that came just before the ones on the front page? If so, I think I have a fix.

    Dennis den Brok – I understand what you mean; I am looking at changing the way I group news to make it easier to read.

    eugene – the bug tracker is linked at the top of the page. Did you want a bigger list?

  5. I think that with few changes, the new style could be far more readable.

    I suggest:
    – A little more white space between the different news ;
    – A bigger font or for the titles of the news ;
    – A smaller font for the date ;
    – Put the date on the same line as the title ;
    – Maybe right-align the date.

    I think this is it.


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