New ad supplier

I’ve moved to HiddenNetwork for the sidebar ad. HiddenNetwork provides ads for computer jobs, which I’d bet would interest most of the Digest’s readers. Some of them look tempting to me, in fact.

I originally heard of HiddenNetwork from reading The Daily WTF, and then had a followup recommendation (good idea, Simon). Please let me know your opinion by comment or email.

6 Replies to “New ad supplier”

  1. I leave reading here.
    I don’t agree with sites making money with me.
    I don’t like at all theses ads in web pages
    Bye bye

  2. Very good idea!
    Other question: Why do I need to enter an e-mail-adress to comment?

  3. I noticed a problem w/ your HTML around the new ads – specifically the way the google ad codes is commented. As rendered, I see an extra –> (at least w/ Safari).

    I think you’re right, the new ads are much more interesting :)

  4. I think it is a very good idea. Unfortunately they are still a bit limited in Europe. Those are actually ads I’d consider reading and clicking.

  5. HiddenNetwork lets you tag your site with keywords that give you ads more specific to your readership – in this case, mysql, Unix, etc. I’ve already asked them for keywords like ‘Europe’, ‘International’, etc.

  6. If I want to look for jobs I go to other sites.
    Please remove ads from here.

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