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  1. Okay, I guess this would be the age old question, but “What’s the major difference between RAIDframe and Vinum and why would one choose RAIDframe over Vinum or vice-versa?”

    Honestly, I havne’t used either. Why? Well, because I haven’t had two identical drives and because it doesn’t seem like you can create an “array” upon installation.

    Besides, a lot of motherboards these days support basic RAID. I haven’t even tried that to be honest. The only RAID I’ve fooled around with is the hardware RAID on my ML370 and DL360 servers at work.

  2. well you don’t really need two identical drives…

    anyway, I don’t think it’s worth porting because ZFS has similar features

  3. First of all, ZFS is not really related to this debatte.

    Second Vinum is a volume manager which also offers (somewhat poor) support for RAID.

    Third “basic” support for RAID on motherboards and have of all so-called “RAID controllers” just leave everything to the OS aka software RAID. They are generally not better than RAIDframe.

  4. RAIDframe is now dead in FreeBSD 6+. GEOM-based solutions have taken its place (gmirror, graid3, soon-to-come graid5, gstripe, gjournal, ggate, etc). Development on RAIDframe died in the early 5.x days, as nobody wanted to GEOM-ify it.

    It lives on in FreeBSD 4.x, and I believe NetBSD still uses it.

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