One Reply to “Nmap on DragonFly”

  1. Yeah, it worked before but not as as root.

    I had reported that to Joerg a couple (few?) months ago and it’s now fixed in time for the 4.00 release of nmap. I don’t know what was fixed, but I now know that I can run it as a regular user and as root. Yipee!

    I use Nmap on my own network to check for open ports and things. Also, it helps me locate computers based on the MAC address (i.e. tells me who manufacturer is).

    Yes, I know it’s the first part of the MAC and I can use that to look it up online, but nmap makes it easier than pinging the computer, look at the arp table to get the MAC address, then going online to look up the manufacturer based on the MAC address. I’ve found rogue Mac’s on Limewire this way.

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