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  1. “Very bad things happen if you try to checkout from the repo without that file [root/.cvsrc], and then attempt to rebuild the system. I am left wondering why it’s not included by default, instead of being in the errata for the release.”

    hahaha this sentence was soo funny, I’ve never seen an OS where this file is included by default and btw, cvs isn’t the program of choice to check out/update the source files (dfly like fbsd uses cvsup for that)

    “Also of note in the errata, new users don’t automatically have the new pkgsrc related paths in their profiles by default. A minor issue, and easilly fixed, but it leaves me wondering how something like this got missed in the RCs. Do the developers and testers only ever log in as root?”

    No I only log in as root when it’s really necessary, the whole system can be build as a plain user and for everything else there’s sudo/su

    another thing is that I’ve been running 1.3-current and once they switched to pkgsrc it was a matter of seconds to add /usr/pkg/{s,}bin to the appropriate files

    “Setting up 1.4 to do anything useful (as a desktop system for example) of course requires a number of third party packages, which currently are in short supply.”

    Well freebsd and netbsd have donated high-end build systems and compiling all those pkgs on an ordinary pc takes ages.

    “Although the pkgsrc tools are included on the CD, they serve no immediate purpose due to the lack of working packages, or even a pkgsrc tree on hand with which to attempt to build them.”

    what’s wrong fetching a pkgsrc tarball from or one of it’s mirrors?

    or what’s wrong pkg_add’ing pkgs from the internet?

    so after all I did not enjoy reading this article, especially blaming dfly for not having /root/.cvsrc is a very weak point and I’d consider it a minor issue or not an issue at all.

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