Which pkgsrc?

If you are trying out pkgsrc now, Jeremy C. Reed recommends using the version that is in CVS, not the quarterly releases (of which 2005Q3 is the most recent). Yes, it’s bleeding edge, but so is your operating system.

2 Replies to “Which pkgsrc?”

  1. Its starting to look like 1.4 is going to be a fantastic release. 1:1 threading implementation, journaling, up to date packages and the frist round of disbaling the MP lock. IMHO it could be the first release that people might be willing to pay for should a DVD be offered for sale.

    I wonder if we’ll see an AMD64 port for 1.6.

  2. AMD64 port is very unlikely, and though the journalling code is there, I haven’t heard of anyone but Matt testing it.

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