4 Replies to “Hi Dad! I’m in jail!”

  1. > jail is a toy, use NetBSD/Xen instead.

    A knife is a toy, use a chainsaw instead (very useful when you need to cut a slice of bread).

  2. Re: “jail is a toy, use NetBSD/Xen instead.”

    I seem to recall reading that a couple of DragonFly developers were working on making DragonFly play nice with Xen. I couldn’t tell you the status of that off the top of my head, but I’m glad that the DragonFly guys are focusing more on making sure that DragonFly is the best OS suited to run on modern hardware with an eye to both massive scalability in general, as well as to high performance on UP machines.

    Not to mention the fact that like all the other BSDs, DragonFly has incorporated code and ideas (mmm, busdma) from NetBSD aimed at improving the portability of the code. You can stick to NetBSD/Xen if you want, but I’ll stick with the most modern BSD :-P

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