2 Replies to “pkgsrc to be in next Release”

  1. Sweet. The lack of a “stable” packaging system (and a slight World of Warcraft addiction ;^) is the only thing that’s preventing me from using DragonFly full time on my primary machine.

    I understand fully the reasons for the current situation (FreeBSD specificity of the ports collection, and lack of developer time and resources for fighting to make it work with dfports), but as a user, having ports break more often on their own then through my own efforts is a tad maddening ;^)

    Of all the OSes I’ve used, DragonFly irritates me the least (and after having used and enjoyed Mac OS X, I guess that’s saying alot), and my only real issue has been with third party stuff, and I am looking forward to using it full time.

    I guess come December, the only thing left will be to figure out a way to get Cedaga to run so that I can continue to feed my WoW addiction =D

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