HEADS UP: development branch changes

There’s a whole lot of changes in the development branch (HEAD) of DragonFly. These are good changes, especially if you are a multiprocessor user, but HEAD users will shortly need to recompile everything – kernel, world, and ports/pkgsrc! Matthew Dillon lays it out in a recent post.

3 Replies to “HEADS UP: development branch changes”

  1. Stupid question… is this why there have been absolutely no packages on GoBSD.com for the last few days?

    DragonFly is great stuff, but this one one of the reasons I dislike not having at least a small collection of useful packages on the install CD (X, Blackbox, Firefox perhaps?).

    There are times when one does a fresh install, and D’oh! No packages available for download.

    I suppose that I could always build them myself, but man, that’s the kind of fun I’d prefer to leave with the Gentoo crowd ;^)

  2. I think that’s a separate issue; gobsd.com lost its main page temporarily (fireflybsd.com showed up instead; I assume a virtual domain problem) and the packages directory has been gone since.

    I haven’t heard what’s happening…

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