GNOME Preview

There is a preview of the next version of GNOME (2.12), found via Slashdot.

Anyone compiling GNOME from CVS on DragonFly? It’d be interesting to know how compatible it is.

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  1. As a recent convert to GNOMEism, let me say that 2.10 and onwards look great. (I say /look/ great, because upgrading from a previous version becomes very nontrivial on the likes of FreeBSD, and perhaps in general due to the dependency tangle).

    One point of customization that someone bored might wish to address – the ‘system tools’ mentioned provide an interesting GUI framework for wrangling /etc options and so forth. I’m not sure how complete the FreeBSD support has become, let alone DragonFly, but it’d go a long way to making ‘UNIX’ act as ‘user-non-vicious’ as some of the other popular desktops. (Specifically, GUI menus are good at enumerating *what possible choices are,* which can be helpful in some common cases.)

    I’d love to help out here, but my life keeps getting weirder – dig me up in a month or three and I may finally be equipped to contribute.

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