Going out

shiningsilence.com is moving tomorrow from one physical location to a new one – it’s just a few miles, but it means an outage. The domain will probably go down tonight when I package up hardware, and should hopefully return over the next few days as my new link is installed and DNS updates.

4 Replies to “Going out”

  1. Good luck with moving, hope you found a nice place to live; and thanks for keeping this digest! I read it a lot, so keep up the good work! (maybe you think not a lot of people visit this page, looking at the amount of comments. But the oppossite is true!)


  2. Yeah, its great! For the last 5 or so weeks didn’t have time to follow any of dfly mailing lists because of exams :(. dbsdlog is great way to find out whats going on the lists.

    Thanks Justin!

  3. Fourthed, I pretty much just come here to check out whats up with dragonfly ;) Good work, keep it up (pleeease :D).

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