Frenzy CD for FreeBSD

Frenzy, (also in Ukranian, I think) a cleverly-named Live CD based on FreeBSD, is available. Thanks, Slashdot/BSD.

It appears to be similar to FreeSBIE, though more oriented towards system maintenance. Once compressed filesystems are possible under DragonFly, a DragonFly version of these sorts of products should be easier to do.

2 Replies to “Frenzy CD for FreeBSD”

  1. I have a private version of the frenzy scripts (v0.2), which I maintain for DragonFly and sort of work :-). Maybe I’ll release them sometime.

    Frenzy 0.3 like the latest Freesbie is based on FreeBSD 5 though, so they won’t work for DragonFly (they use GEOM etc.)

  2. Just 2 UAH copecks: Don’t try to learn Ukrainian language at this site, it is Russian speaking Ukrainian site :)

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