Do sudo

Robert Nagy submitted patches to include ‘sudo‘in the base system for DragonFly. Reaction is generally positive. The reason I’m posting this is to point out that there are no criterion for what can be in the base system – what would you like to see?

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  1. zsh, vim, recent perl (I know it was just removed, but now it’s one of the first ports I need), python (perhaps when parrot is released this will be easier). I think the real solution is to take ports, make it a package infrastructure, upgrade the package tools, and come up with a remote capable frontend to it all (e.g. apt -> dpkg), then move the base system into a pkg building infrastructure also.

  2. FreeBSD should have considered doing it. OpenBSD already does it I think. I use it routinely.

  3. As little as possible, honestly. I love the small footprint of the dfly install. Additions like bind to the base system of freebsd has always bothered me. Not to say sudo is like bind, but the point remains.

  4. Isn’t bind going to be required for a while since we use parts of it (libisc ?) for dns lookups in libc?

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