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  1. > Some of the first things many Linux users discover about a
    > default FreeBSD installation are that it doesn’t include bash
    > and doesn’t colorize the output of ls.

    By default, tcsh does support colours in FreeBSD. Dru Lavigne should has say something about you don’t have to type ‘rehash’ when you switch the shell to bash, zsh or other better one. Current, I have this in my /etc/csh.cshrc:

    alias ls ls -GF

    > Instead, use the chpass utility to update all of the password
    > databases correctly.

    I usually use chsh for shell change.

    > If you prefer to use an ncurses-type GUI, use the
    > /stand/sysinstall menu. Its Configure option allows you to
    > install software, create users, configure networking, and
    > configure X.

    I don’t recommend to touch sysinstall right after the installtion. sysinstall is dumb and nasty that doesn’t do the sed or whatever to replace the old configure. It rathers add dozens of same lines at the everytime when you touch sysinstall to configure networking in /etc/rc.conf.

    When the newbie complains about that he has changed something in sysinstall, but it still doesn’t work because he has more than two same entry in /etc/rc.conf.

    The rest in this article look good to me.

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