Battery breaking boot

If your laptop running DragonFly doesn’t want to boot while on battery power, try this in /boot/loader.conf:

set debug.acpi.disabled="acad thermal"

Taken from a suggestion by YONETANI Tomokazu.

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  1. Kind of off topic, but I’ve never been able to get DragonFly set up and bootable with either the installer (with or without packet mode set), or by manually using boot0cfg as described in the README file on the CD.

    The only way I can get a useful DragonFly system is by first installing FreeBSD 4.x, and then building DragonFly on top of it, which with the issues with Matt’s T1 line, isn’t a fun process.

    I’ve no idea what has changed between FreeBSD 4.x and DragonFly that would make booting impossible from anything other than the LiveCD itself.

    Just my luck, the crappy (and quite up to date) BIOS on this particular box has no option for using LBA, so I’m really running out of ideas.

  2. Hi.
    Where does it stop while booting?
    What was the last message on the console?

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