One Reply to “Installer RC1.004”

  1. Okay. The more I use it, the more minor issues I have with it. First of all (and most irritatingly), the legal characters for passwords is artificially limited (things like ~!@#$%^&* etc), which I use extensively, are not allowed; at least not for regular users. They seem to work for the root password. That’s a biggie.

    The second biggie is that it (seemingly randomly) doesn’t install bootblocks correctly, leading to some pretty spectacular failures upon rebooting :-) Does it blow away whatever was there before? If not, should it?

    A minor issue is that when typing in user names, their home directory isn’t automatically the same as the username itself. Yeah, it’s nice to have the option to deviate from that, but it’s a default that I (and most people I know) have grown accustomed to. I’m a poor typist, and typing my name more often than I have to makes me cranky!

    I still think that it’s turning out to be a fantastic installer, but it still needs a little work.

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