WineX release

WineX, a commercial version of Wine oriented towards gameplay, has been released (version 4.0) and renamed (“Cedega”). I vaguely recall it was possible to get it working on FreeBSD – it would be interesting to see how it performs on DragonFly, comparatively.

2 Replies to “WineX release”

  1. I’ve never had any luck getting any version of WineX running under FreeBSD. I could of course just be unlucky, or a dumbass ;^)

  2. If winex runs on DragonFly or FreeBSD it would be great. Winex 2.2.1 did run on FBSD 5.2.1 for me but has no directx9 support which is needed for most current games ! If they releases winex/cadega for FreeBSD I’ll buy it !!!

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