Installer in beta

Chris Pressey announced the DragonFly Installer has gone to ‘beta’ status; his announcement is pasted here:

“I’m pleased to announce that the installer has come to a point where we’re willing to call it BETA. There are undoubtedly several issues to resolve before it can go into a release, but we’ve also made quite a few flawless installs with it so far.

The foundation for the installer is an abstract user interface protocol, which allows multiple backends to work with multiple frontends.

Currently we have an “install” backend, whose job is to get DragonFly from the CD onto a HDD – in many ways this is simply an automated, interactive version of the instructions in /README.

We also have two frontends which are largely complete: curses and CGI. Currently, the curses frontend comes up automatically. The CGI frontend can be started manually by exiting the curses frontend and following the directions at the link below.

Other backends (such as for system configuration, package management, etc) and other frontends (GTK, etc) are planned.

There are two ways to obtain the installer for testing: you can either build a release yourself if you have the DragonFly source tree installed, or you can download an ISO with the installer already on it.

To build a release yourself, go to

and follow the directions found there. You basically need to download a couple of packages, apply a patch, and run a buildworld/kernel/release cycle.

To download the ISO, go to

and follow the directions there. Note that if you have any stability problems booting from this ISO, download the latest snapshot from

to compare the behaviour so we know if the problems are specific to the installer or not. Your feedback is of course greatly appreciated!”