One Reply to “Why are letters at the end of the alphabet cooler?”

  1. Letters at the end of the alphabet probably seem more appealing because they have traditionally been used less frequently in most words and names. What might better describe this idea could be restated as letters with a higher point value in scrabble are more likely to be used as a mark of distinctiveness- or at least an attempt at such. It seems a lot of us tend to like things less common and struggle to be something not ordinary or normal; marketing professionals picked up on this too. I think that eventually all of the letters in the alphabet will be much closer to a uniform value and interest as the less used letters and letter combinations become overused to a level much closer to the common letters. It seems like a linguistic expression of energy diffusion, akin to equilibria shown in physical, chemical, and biological systems. This is not unlike the degradation of vowel sounds as a language ages and its speakers get more lazy in pronunciation and dialects emerge which demonstrates the principle that entropy in a system always tends to increase.

    Sorry ’bout the rambling- I was stalling before starting work…

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