gobsd.com created

David Rhodus announced a new BSD-oriented info site – gobsd.com. Most interestingly, it appears that it will host packages that can be added via pkg_add.

His announcement is pasted below:

“During the past several months, DragonFly has taken most of my spare cycles up. These have not been completely burnt up for nothing though. We’ve put together a website http://gobsd.com to provide detailed and technical information for companies and individuals wanting to run BSD.

The website is still very much under development, but is ready to start servicing people in its current state. Currently we have a preliminary set of pre-built software packages ready to download and to be used with pkg_add(1). New packages are being built everyday, we already have several thousands of packages available for download.

GoBSD will be also providing download access to all the most popular BSD source trees via cvsync(1), if you do not already have cvsync you can install via pkg_add(1). E.g. # pkg_add http://gobsd.com/packages/net/cvsync-0.24.15.tgz More information can be found via the website.

There are also other services available for users that register on the website (currently for Free). Personal blog, online forums, email alias entry username@gobsd.com I’ll personally be updating my blog with technical information as more development and testing goes on. As development goes on we plan have periodic CD-ROM mailings to the registered users.

Other new things that will be appearing over the next week include items such as more in-depth technical interviews, excerpts from various up coming BSD and kernel programming books, new papers, documentation and code walk throughs on new technical developments among other things.”