Quietly furious activity

It’s been very quiet, but that’s because people are really, really busy working on DragonFly features. Here’s a roundup:

– Devon H. O’Dell and others are still working on the installer, promtped by Hiten Pandya. The code for this is available via cvsweb, including the very interesting design notes. (It has diagrams, so it must be good.)

– Hiten Pandya and Joerg Sonnenberger are updating the device subsystem to match FreeBSD 5.x. (I don’t have a lot of details on this; they’re busy!)

– Matt Dillon is writing a paper with FreeBSD’s Alan Cox detailing the performance improvements of certain pipe optimizations; he’s been doing various benchmarks for data. He’s also been working on AMD64-specific code, which he’s planning to commit soon.

– I may as well toss this in too: Jeffrey Hsu has been quietly and steadily changing the networking system. I don’t often mention his patches because he’s working at a level that’s quite beyond my ability to summarize.

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  1. Regarding the installer- what happened to the idea of a webserver based installer, where you configure via web pages (eg mozilla in graphics mode, links in headless mode)?

  2. Look at the design notes linked in a previous post – the backend can be attached to any sort of interface, including a CGI.

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