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Jonathon McKitrick asked about “last known stable” tags, and the June release date for 1.0. Matt Dillon replied that a known stable tag will appear once the networking code is stable, and that a late June release is still planned

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  1. So what of the major features are not going to make it in 1.0?

    I’m quite sure that the new packaging system won’t be there, but I was wondering about the async syscall messaging, the device and I/O messaging, the VFS messaging, and the stuff on the “userapi” page. Will the network stack be multi-threaded (is it now?)? Are they planned for the first release?

    IIRC, x86-64 support won’t make it in until afterwards…

  2. AMD64 64-bit support is delayed for after DragonFly 1.0.
    The network is already mostly multi-threaded, which temporary broke TCP handling, but that is fixed now. You won’t get any performance benefits though, until Gigant-removal begins.
    WRT async syscalls, nothing happened in the last few month. It would be nice to have the userland emulation layer ready for the first release.
    The device interface has not changed yet, nor did the I/O interface change

  3. From:

    “Fix BUF/BIO and turn I/O initiation into a message-passing subsystem. Move all DEVices to their own threads and implement as message-passing. VFS needs a major overhaul before VFS devices can be moved into their own threads to the reentrant nature of VFS.”

    So the message passing interface is there, but it’s not async? Have the syscalls been converted to messages yet, sync or otherwise?

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