One Reply to “XFree86 4.4 due soon”

  1. Check a link in the bottom; it explains about what FreeBSD’s plan to have XFree86 4.4. I think, it’s a good plan.

    […quote by Eric Anholt…]

    XFree86 4.4 will be coming out in the not-so-distant future, and I’m planning on making some changes to the XFree86 ports to reduce the pain associated with upgrading and maintaining XFree86.

    I’m going to be moving our XFree86 over to using separate ports of the X11 libraries from (fd.o) rather than XFree86. This will reduce the recompiling time for rebuilding things after an upgrade of a single part, and I also expect the libraries to stay better maintained and release more frequently than XFree86’s. XFree86-4-libraries will continue to exist, because it will still have some libraries not offered from fd.o.

    […more in the above link…]

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