Flames bad, info good

On the freebsd-hackers mailing list, a slight flamewar erupted over discussion of checkpointing code from DragonFly. Amidst the dumbness that normally ensues in a flamewar, there’s some interesting descriptions on what work has been done/will be done on DragonFly. Check out the archive, mostly in the “FreeBSD mail list etiquette” thread. Matt Dillon’s posts here, here, and here are all info-packed.

One Reply to “Flames bad, info good”

  1. Sometimes, I wish phk could improvement on his attitude; he can be selfish and rude. Nevertheless, he’s a very good and skill FreeBSD developer/hacker.

    Funny, some very good developers that we know, they usually have the rude attitudes/behaviors such as DJB, Theo, phk and etc. Nevertheless, I like them because of I love their softwares. Also, they even donate to us by spend their own time to write the code for free.

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