devfs and things I understand less

Matt Dillon pointed out that GEOM in FreeBSD may be something DragonFly can present a compatible API for, but it requires the messaging work for VFS and DEV first. Incidentally, Matt will be working on namecache, VOP_LOOKUP, Simon ‘corecode’ Schubert’s prebinding, and Jeffrey Hsu’s changes to ifq.

If, like me, you are clueless on what prebinding and ifq are, here an explanation of prebinding for OS X (should apply here) and ifq… appears to be the queue in which chunks of network information are held/passed? I haven’t found a good explanation. (Comments welcome, if you know)

asmodai pointed out xenofarm during a discussion of the tinderbox builds of DragonFly.

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  1. The Interface Queue related changes recently
    committed by Jeffrey Hsu was for consolidating
    the various NETISR related stuff, which was
    previously all over the place, like manually
    doing magic with the interrupt queues etc.

    Hmm, now that I think of it, the NetISR code
    actually needs better documentation; maybe the
    docs/documentation folder will come handy. ;-)

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