pcc near 1.0; try on DragonFly?

The pcc compiler is nearing 1.0. (via) This is seen as a gcc alternative, and it’s present in NetBSD/OpenBSD. I recall it didn’t work for DragonFly because of a lack of TLS support… Might be different now, if anyone wants to try.  (see prior mentions on the Digest)

More pcc notes

The compiler pcc, while having both history and speed, doesn’t get the attention that clang/LLVM gets.  There’s a NetBSD blog article about building NetBSD with pcc.  (via)  I recall it couldn’t be used for DragonFly because of TLS support; I don’t know if that’s still an issue.  It’s been covered here before.

pcc, again

pcc appears to have had some significant updates due to funding; has anyone tried it on DragonFly recently?

BSDTalk 131: pcc

The latest interview on BSDTalk is an interview with Anders “Ragge” Magnusson about his work on pcc.  Looking at the mailing lists, there is apparently a new website being put together.

Details on pcc

Strange as it is to use the words “C compiler” and “excitement” in the same sentence, there’s been a lot of excitement about PCC, the Portable C Compiler, as a faster replacement for GCC. (Previous story here) There’s a web page for it, and a mailing list, though no mail archive I can find associated …

Test framework details

Stathis Kamperis has written up a description of the test framework he designed during the Summer of Code.  It may end up in DragonFly, which seems like a good idea to me.  It’s designed to be generally operating-system independent.  He includes a link to the git repo where he’s keeping it now.

More compilers, easily

Sascha Wildner has posted a patch that makes it very easy to switch out the compiler used to build DragonFly.  This builds on earlier work from Alex Hornung. This should make it into the base system.  Everyone’s looking at compilers that aren’t gcc these days, it seems.


Some miscellaneous links I’ve been saving: Undeadly has some recent notes on the status of pcc; does this run on DragonFly yet? Occasional DragonFly user _why has released Shoes 2.0, an entertaining Ruby-based GUI toolkit.  Or maybe it’s a vehicle for him to tell stories.  Or both. The preview of the December issue of the …

More about compilers

InformIT has an article about alternative compilers, including some that have had mention on the DragonFly lists, like TenDRA and pcc. (via Hubert Feyrer)

GCC alternatives

pcc has been added to NetBSD (via pkgsrc) and OpenBSD, and Steve Mynott has been messing with it on DragonFly. It doesn’t work as a replacement for GCC, but it looks promising. There are other alternatives in progress, too.

Card testing

Joerg Sonnenberger is looking for anyone with either PCCARD or CARDBUS hardware, for testing of this patch and this patch. He noted, “After applying both patches remove bus/pccard and link bus/pcmcia to bus/pccard.”

PCMCIA Problems

Emiel Kollof found that to get a PCMCIA network card going, you need to add these lines to /etc/rc.conf: (replace x’s with your static address, if applicable.) removable_interfaces=”<interface name>” pccard_ifconfig=”inet xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx netmask xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx” or pccard_ifconfig=”DHCP”