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(Almost) New committer: Thomas Nikolajsen

Welcome Thomas Nikolajsen, newest DragonFly committer. (Or at least I missed mentioning him before.) Thanks, anonymous commenter! Not only do I lack reliable short-term memory, but I can’t even use a search function.

New committer: Thomas Nikolajsen

Welcome our newest committer: Thomas Nikolajsen.

Summer of Code and DragonFly, 2011 wrapup

DragonFly had another good year with Google’s Summer of Code program.  We had 6 slots, and 5 passed projects. (Irinia, if you’re reading this – where did you go?)  This is our 4th year participating in Summer of Code, with I think the highest number of passed projects to date. Here’s all the finished projects, […]

More Hammer documentation

Thomas Nikolajsen has put together more information on Hammer, including formatting and the new deduplication features, conveniently located in the man pages and some other spots.

NFS client reminders

Thomas Nikolajsen wrote some tips on starting a NFS client on DragonFly; I’m linking to them both because they’re generally handy and specifically so I can have them for later…

Hammer downgrade and upgrade bug

Thomas Nikolajsen experienced firsthand a bug where downgrading a Hammer PFS master to a slave and then later making it a master again lost all data.  Lucky him…   The problem’s now fixed.

Accessing Hammer config via NFS

Thomas Nikolajsen came up with some ideas for making the configuration files for a given Hammer volume accessible, even when that volume is being presented over NFS.  He’s looking for more ideas.

NYCBSDCon Hammer presentation again

Thomas Nikolajsen turned the slides from Matt Dillon’s NYCBSDCon talk about Hammer into a PDF.

Hammer slides available

Thomas Nikolajsen just noticed (I missed it) that Matthew Dillon’s Hammer slides from NYCBSDCon 2008 are now available on the Hammer page.

Hammer: disconnect with impunity

Matthew Dillon posted a July 16th Hammer update where he details causing a lot of write activity on a USB-connected, Hammer-formatted hard drive, and then yanking the USB connector out. Apparently, doing that 50 times over didn’t even faze Hammer. (Of course, be careful trying that with power.) He’s been committing a lot for Hammer, […]