Unix98 ptys and devfs

Alex Hornung has posted a summary of what Unix98 pty devices are, and how they are supported under DevFS.  If something screwy happens, there’s even a debug option to turn on.

DevFS gets rules

It’s now possible to set up rules for your dynamic device file system.  If this intrigues you, and it should, there’s more details about the rules within the devfsctl(8) man page.

Vinum and devfs play together nicely

Vinum’s been changed to work with devfs, with the advantage that drive labels instead of device paths can now be used.  There’s some caveats – read the message for details.

DevFS cleanup, iSCSI start

Matthew Dillon provided a summary of the state of the dynamic device filesystem work, plus a note about the preliminary iSCSI work.  He also brings up the notion that iSCSI would eventally allow booting off a drive no matter where it’s physically connected.

DevFS arrives

DevFS has been added.  There’s some issues, each with a workaround.  Please test, as it’s certain that a major change like this will cause new problems around video and sound.  Once those are fixed, however, device management will be a lot easier.

DevFS this weekend

The DevFS Summer of Code project is going into DragonFly this weekend; be ready for surprises if you update.  It’s not complete yet; there’s a few more weeks for Summer of Code, but there’s other work that this code will enable.

Suggestions for devfs

Alex Hornung is looking for suggestions on the userland tool(s) for his devfs project.  This is a Google Summer of Code project, and I’m a bit late posting this, so hurry if you want to get your two cents in.

devfs details

While asking some questions, Alex Hornung let drop some of the details of his Summer of Code devfs project.  Sounds like he’s making good progress.

DevFS details

Alex Hornung posted a nice summary of his DevFS project for DragonFly Google’s Summer of Code – Matthew Dillon has a followup, too. Are you a Summer of Code student for DragonFly?  Don’t forget to post a summary of your project to kernel@ before the start.   Yes, I know there’s exams.

devfs quickly

Anyone want to write a new devfs? (That’s device file system, if you haven’t seen the term before.) A discussion about tracking disks and their appropriate mount points ended with Matthew Dillon noting that at this point, the DragonFly system is cleaned up enough that this would be an approachable task for someone with experience.

A sound project for you

If you were looking for something to do, finishing Francois Tigeot’s sound update would help a lot of people.  He’s currently tied up with i915 support work.  The patches need device cloning to work with devfs, and midi removal.

Flash works too!

Thanks to work from Samuel J. Greear and Alex Hornung: Install Firefox (natively) libflashsupport and adobe-flash-plugin mount linprocfs null mount devfs within the linux system There’s occasional video and audio sync problems, but Johannes Hofmann has already found a fix.

Vinum root mounts possible again

As if Alex Horning wasn’t busy enough with his Linuxulator update, he’s also made it possible to have a vinum root volume in conjunction with using devfs.

The split becomes noticeable

This Internetnews.com article makes a good point: DragonFly has thrived since splitting from FreeBSD 5+ years ago, and the difference between the systems is more apparent now, with the introduction of DevFS and Hammer.

Extra work for those who want it

If you wanted to tackle something difficult, Simon ‘corecode’ Schubert has suggestions around multiprocessor development and also what is essentially a devfs.  (Follow the threads for more information.)