Importing clang to base

Don’t get too excited yet – clang import hasn’t happened.  However, I want to draw attention to Rimvydas Jasinskas’ changes to alternate compiler handling, which would be for importing clang.  His commit message goes into some of the rather thorny problems of transitioning between compilers and releases.

clang in DragonFly, soon

John Marino has added the starting framework to use clang as the alternate base compiler in DragonFly.  Note that it’s not hooked into the build yet.  This is the first non-GCC compiler added into DragonFly, so there’s some work yet before you can have an all-clang system.  This should replace GCC 4.7, which is the current …

Running with clang

If you are using clang with DragonFly, and you want to always run the newest version, you can set options in compilers.conf, and use ‘clangnext‘.

Clang support in DragonFly

It’s been possible to install and run clang on DragonFly for a long time, of course, and at least build world with it.  However, John Marino is putting in significant work to make clang one of the system compilers, replacing the older gcc44 that’s in DragonFly now.  (The newer gcc47 stays.)  This won’t be part of the …

Building pkgsrc with clang

I think I’ve mentioned building DragonFly with clang before, but not pkgsrc.  There’s two variables to set, plus some special handling for libf2c.  Thomas Klausner has details.  This is not tested on DragonFly.

New clang 3.0 and DragonFly work

Juan Francisco Cantero Hurtado has been working with clang and DragonFly, along with Sascha Wildner.  DragonFly mostly compiles using clang, with lib/citrus being (the only?  one of?) the last holdouts.  Juan Francisco Cantero Hurtado detailed how to test it out using clang 3.0 in case someone else wants to help solve this.

clang and pkgsrc bulk builds

I spied a bulk build of pkgsrc using clang.  It’s interesting to see the results…  It’s on NetBSD, but it should be possible to try the same thing with CCVER on DragonFly.  Any takers?

An easy way to use clang

Sascha Wildner has set up $CCVER so that it can be used with ‘clangsvn’.  If you install clang from svn into /usr/local, it’ll get picked up and used as the system compiler.

Messylaneous – Unixy articles, clang, pkgsrc projects, more

IBM’s developerWorks has an article up about GNU screen.  It’s not BSD-specific, but the tips in using screen are useful.  (Before someone brings it up: yes, tmux too.) Another article talks about inspecting network traffic using various tools including tcpdump and wireshark.  It is a tremendous advantage to see what happens on a network at …

New BSDTalk: clang clang clang

BSDTalk has a very timely interview with Roman Divácký and Ed Schouten about the switch to clang/LLVM in FreeBSD. It’s 17 minutes, recorded at the recent BSDCan 2010.

Self-hosting clang; building DragonFly with it too

clang, which many people look to as a gcc replacement, is now able to build itself.  (Thanks John Marino for the heads-up, some time ago)  It can also build world and kernel on DragonFly, going on the work of Sascha Wildner! Using the pkgsrc package,  put clang_CC=/usr/pkg/bin/clang in /etc/compilers.conf and then set $CCVER to “clang” …

Progress with clang

Several people have been working on having DragonFly compile with clang.  Alex Hornung’s updated the clang page on the DragonFly site for details; if this interests you, a conversation on EFNet #dragonflybsd may be in order.

Progress with clang

Alex Hornung has done some preliminary work with llvm/clang, and has successfully compiled a GENERIC DragonFly kernel, and completed a buildworld, using it. He also has some very nice notes available detailing the work. There’s potential for cross-BSD work with FreeBSD on this one, too.

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