Lazy Reading for 2015/12/06

Another done-early week.  I’m already filling in next week’s Lazy Reading.

Your unrelated music clip of the week: Coldcut – More Beats n Pieces.

Your unrelated open source game of the week: MegaGlest.  Runs on DragonFly, FreeBSD, NetBSD, and OpenBSD, or at least I can find references to binaries for all of them.  (via comments)

Your unrelated community funded game of the week: Psychonauts 2.  A sequel to one of my favoritest games ever.

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  1. 2147483648 article is rather confused: on my systems I can only fit up to +2147483647 in 32 bit twos complement. The article seems to have also confused “all 1’s” will be -1 not -2147483648. I suppose it does show that off by one errors are bad.

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