In Other BSDs for 2015/10/31

Another week that quickly went from “Gee, I hope I have enough links” to “I have to set time aside just to process the backlog of possibilities.”

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  1. Interesting thread concerning OpenBSD not being able do to 20Gb of Internet traffic. Although I have every confidence that it will get there eventually.

    Is 20Gb possible under Dragonfly at the moment?

  2. Sure it’s possible – if you adjust the packet size and you spend a lot on hardware and you aren’t looking to save the data or log what happened, which the original poster did want to do. At that point, it’s not an operating system problem, but one of physics.

    At that data rate, you’d be forced to use petabytes of SSD storage just to hold a month of data. That being said, DragonFly should perform startlingly well even with a high packet count/small packet size, given Sephe’s work.

  3. I measured 2 10GbE ports on i7-3770 w/ bulk data:

    On i7-3770 (it should apply to E3 cpus too):
    – DragonFly has no trouble to TX 20Gbps or RX 20Gbps (the TCP_STREAM test). There plenty of free cpu time left.
    – DragonFly just be able to RX and TX 20Gbps at the same time (the TCP_STREAM + TCP_MAERTS test). Almost all cpu time is used; i.e. userland application only has little time to run its own logic.

    I have not measured tiny packet forwarding rate using 10GbE on Dfly due to lack of hardware (I only have one pair of 82599 around). Only 4x 1GbE results are available:

  4. 2x 10GbE bulk data performance:

    Brief on i7-3770 (should apply to E3 too):
    – DragonFly could handle TX or RX @20Gbps w/o trouble. There is plenty of free cpu time left for applications.
    – DragonFly just be able to handle TX _and_ RX @20Gbps. There is almost _no_ free cpu time left for applications.

    I didn’t measure the 10GbE tiny packet forwarding rate due to lack of hardware. The old result w/ 4x 1GbE is here:

  5. Impressive. Someone should tell the OpenBSD guy that Dragonfly might be able to solve at least half of the problem. If he has the cash, probably the storage end of it too. As far as I am aware OpenBSD doesn’t have a filesystem capable of storing petabytes of data. They’d need HAMMER for that ;)

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