In Other BSDS for 2014/07/05

Another ‘quiet’ week – lots of commit activity in the other BSDs, but not a lot to point at directly.

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3 Comments on In Other BSDS for 2014/07/05


  1. Anonymous says:

    That’s the older benchmarks for dfly, not the more recent one that Francois did.

  2. nwildner says:

    Talking about this GSoC, systemd/udev shit is getting worse every time…

    ..and is spreading deeper like a cancer. It bothers me that projects like Gnome somewhere in the future will need stuff like kdbus.

    It started with a firmware loader, but, where else it can gets?

  3. Anonymous says:

    CentOS 7 was released today, so now systemd will start infecting production environments. Fear not though, CentOS 7 will be to Redhat what Windows ME was to Microsoft. People will migrate to BSD, in the end, I think it will benefit BSD, recent events have already brought more eyes on BSD.