What’s your XML opinion?

There’s several debates exclusive to the Unix-like world: Vi vs. Emacs, System V vs. BSD, and so on.  A more recent one that people tend to fragment over is XML in config files vs. anything else.  Read through this recent threa, starting here, about SMF (which became about XML) on users@.

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4 Comments on What’s your XML opinion?


  1. ggl says:

    Xml sucks. But an init system based on xml? Just shoot me now.

  2. llg says:

    Yes, XML really sucks as a configuration file. In other areas, I don’t see how XML can be better than JSON. But maybe I just don’t know.

  3. Petr says:

    Why does XML suck?

  4. eirikma says:

    Xml sucks, mostly because xml support in unix utilities sucks. Get the xml-coreutils tools into the core utils and even unix-beards will start loving it.