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Google Reader, which is what I use to track as much BSD stuff as possible, is being retired as of July 1.  I need a new RSS reader – any recommendations?  Something that I can access from multiple places (i.e. online app) is best.

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  1. cray says:

    For us Russian-speaking users, there is Yandex Lenta (????? ?????). Almost the same functionality.

  2. Matthias says: :) Including web-access and Android app (dunno about iOS)

  3. Ludvig says:

    Feedly is a good alternative, exist as plugin for Firefox/Safari/Chrome and as apps for Android and iOS:

    Personally, I use feedly as online apps to be able to read from differentes places, and Taptu on my Android to aggregate RSS to be able to have multiple news in 1 caption, thing that is not yet done by Feedly.

  4. zloster says:

    If you want to go with self hosted solution (or problem): The info site is not currently available from my location and I still haven’t manage to find time to install and try it.

  5. Alexander Leidinger says:

    If you don’t mind to install something on your own servers: (last release from 2009, works for me) (last release from 2011)
    – and the already mentioned tiny tiny rss (last release this year, site looks overloaded ATM, has it’s own android app)

    If someone knows some more like those, I search an alternative for rnews (tt-rss looks like the only contender ATM due to active development).

  6. Tony Sidaway says:

    I’m trying feedly now. It’s easy to transfer now, but it’s a very different experience from Reader. I miss just being able to connect to a public Web App from any browser.

  7. Anon says:

    You could try . It has both Google reader and iGoogle modes.

  8. Robert Luciani says:

    If you have Windows 8, many RSS reader apps sync with Azure to keep track of your reading across devices.

  9. Philippe says: seems nice. Personally I use newsbeuter over ssh on my server, but that might not be what you’re looking for.

  10. Hanz says:

    I’m quite happily using tt-rss and would recommend it (though I have never tried google reader)

  11. […] a chart of possible Google Reader replacements, plus my query earlier this week let to a number of comment suggestions.  tt-rss looks like a good candidate, because I don’t have to worry about someone deciding […]

  12. Mike says:

    I have been using birdreader for a couple of weeks now – its node js with local couchdb or couchbase backend well worth a look.