How to grind that axe, for donations

Whomever submitted this story to Slashdot really doesn’t like FreeBSD; they’re describing FreeBSD’s annual end-of-year fund drive as failed.  The month-long drive is only about a week old and has already picked up donations at a faster rate than any previous year’s donation drive, but apparently the poster – and Slashdot’s editors – can’t be bothered to do math.  While we’re on the topic, donate to the FreeBSD Foundation; they do good things.

(There’s DragonFly too, though we’re not as ambitious or officially 501(c)(3) non-profit.)

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6 Comments on How to grind that axe, for donations

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  1. FreeBSD isnt’ hurting at all, but haters sure want to make it so, or so it seems.

    I think one of the most precarious situations that FreeBSD has found itself embroiled, is having to work with an aging, almost obsolete GCC that was GPL2’d instead of moving to the newer versions which have adopted the GPL version 3…

    But that’s all over now, from now on FreeBSD will ship with Clang/LLVM under the BSD license – as it should be ;)

  2. Rapenne says:

    I think it’s important to support the FreeBSD fundation, who can lead projects and pay developpers where FreeBSD has real needs, like the intel graphic driver.

  3. Anon says:

    It’s not clear if this drive is new (in which case things are fine) or if it’s an extension of an older fundraising drive ( ). One would assume the former in which case the spin on the headline is bad…

  4. dean says:

    slashdot are really bias and unprofessional. I hardly waste a moment there any more.

  5. Anon – the FreeBSD Foundation fundraises all year, but they only advertise about it at the end. They do the same end-of-year push each year, and it’s been more successful so far this time around… though you wouldn’t know it from the headline.

  6. Johannes says:

    We all know BSD is dying… ;)

    ( i know its a bit counterintuitive that BSD is growing, thriving and dying at the same time)