MaheshaDragonFlyBSD now available

Juraj Sipos wrote me to describe MaheshaDragonFlyBSD, a live DragonFly image that has additional software preinstalled, and can easily be set to understand Sanskrit.  It’s available in DVD and USB versions.

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3 Comments on MaheshaDragonFlyBSD now available


  1. Pratyush says:

    Can we configure custom kernel and other stuff as with the default dragonfly downloaded image.

  2. Juraj says:

    You can, but preferable is working with a hard drive. USB sticks do not like too many writes and you may damage them by too many disk writes. You may alternatively copy all the files to your hd. Many people on the Internet complain that Midnight Commander does not work; it was compiled without slang and vkernel is also difficult to make by the beginners. The main purpose of this thing is to demonstrate DragonFly BSD. The success of “configuration of custom kernel” depends on the depth and length of your work.

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